Historic events example


The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory catches fire

This resulted in the tragic loss of nearly 150 young women and girls.


The Great Migration

A mass relocation of 6 million African Americans from the Jim Crow South to the North and West.


Kahlil Gibran publishes the book "The Prophet"

A philosophical book on love, work, marriage, reason.


The Ku Klux Klan marches in Washington

Marks a period between 1890-1940 during which white American became more racist than ever before.


Thomas Dorsey invents the gospel blues

The compositor builds the foundation for African American gospel music. His song "Take my hand, precious Lord" was used during the America's Civil Right movement and was appreciated by Martin Luther King Jr.


Harry Hopkins starts work

He spends 5 million dollars in two hours giving money to people to stimulate consumption.


Franklin D. Roosevelt accepts the democratic presidential nomination

In his famous speech, he promises to retore the balance between privileged and normal people. The coalition he builds governs the nation for a decade.


Hugo Black is appointed to the Supreme Court

He defines the American judicial scene for 35years.


Harry S. Truman replaces Wallace

The russian threat results in the Cold War.


The North Atlantic treaty is signed

This marks the building of an international alliance focused on preventing war. Later, NATO has helped to keep the peace in Europe for a long time.


Barbara Johns walks out

A sixteen year old girl initiates the protest of 400 black students against inadequate facilities, effectively starting the laws on public school segregation.


Emmett Till is murdered

Till's mother wanted everyone to see her son's death. The images then became a powerful influence in the fight for human rights of the black people.


The birth control pill is approved

Allowed women to plan their lives without fear of unwanted pregnancy.


The children march in Birmingham

Causes president Kennedy to propose the Civil Rights Act a month after the demonstrations.


Thich Quang Duc's self-immolation is broadcast

A buddhist monk burns himself death during a demonstration in Saigon, which changes the course of the Vietnam war.


Howard Smith amends the Civil Rights Act

The fight for gender equality has been started.


Ronald Reagan speaks to conservatives

His speech "A time for choosing" launched a carreer that led him to the White House.


The immigration and nationality act is signed

Signed by president Lyndon Baines Johnson, catalyzing the increase in cultural diversity in the United States. Kennedy called the previous quota system "intolerable". Today over 40 million foreign born individuals live in the United States.


Alcatraz Island is occupied

A group of American students radicalized throusand and demanded the implementation of international law


Affirmative action goes unchallenged

African Americans compelled Congress and President Richard Nixon to adopt affirmative action policies.


California passes proposition

This limits local property taxes and makes it harder to raise them in the future. This leads to shift to popular opinion.


The embassy in Tehran is occupied

Iranian militants held Americans in hostage for 444 days demanding the resurn of the Shah and his riches.


The pneumocystis pneumonia report

First published account of the AIDS epidemic.


The "Americans With Disabilities Act" is signed

Recognizes that physically and mentally disabled people are also part of the society. A progression toward recognizing all people of all categories.


The midterm elections go to the Republicans

Determines who controls the majority of the Congress. Conservative legislative control made is harder for liberal ideas to succeed later.

Source: Time Magazine