All parks in Atlanta, ordered by area

Name Address Area
Chastain Memorial Park 135 W. Wieuca Rd. NW 1469871.883
Southside Park 3460 Jonesboro Rd. SE 1234952.452
Piedmont Park 400 Park Dr. NE 1136756.370
Atlanta Memorial Park 384 Woodward Way NW 1133837.932
Browns Mill Golf Course 480 Cleveland Ave. SE 969003.099
Adams Park 2300 Wilson Drive SW 936547.507
Grant Park 840 Cherokee Ave. SE (at Sydney St./ Boulevard) 765875.144
Freedom Park Moreland Ave at North Ave NE 734792.886
Cascade Springs Nature Preserve 2852 Cascade Rd. SW 708880.433
Lakewood Fairgrounds & HiFi Buys Amphitheater 2002 LAKEWOOD WAY 703975.571
John A. White Park 1053 Cascade Cir. SW 656549.716
South Bend Park 1955 Compton Dr. SE 442271.343
North Camp Creek Parkway NP 3380 Stone Rd SW 428591.616
Rockdale Park Habershal Dr & Johnson Rd 367769.356
Herbert Greene Boulder Park Drive 358918.949
Anderson Park 98 Anderson Ave. NW 327192.740
Maddox Park 1115 Bankhead Hwy. NW, at Marietta Blvd. 320610.223
Melvin Drive Park 3895 Melvin Drive SW 306775.274
Chattahoochee Trail Jackson Pkwy NW 304764.156
Candler Park 1500 McLendon Ave. NE 300632.803
Swann Preserve Bromack Dr 295704.726
Lionel Hampton Willis Mill Rd 289603.509
Perkerson Park 770 Deckner Ave. SW 285056.148
Oakland Cemetery 248 Oakland Ave. SE 280002.024
Center Hill Park 2305 Bankhead Hwy. NW 256269.740
Gun Club Park 1137 Gun Club Road 245061.869
Morningside Nature Preserve Cheshire Bridge Rd. NE/Woodcliffe Ter./Wildwoo... 219340.851
Wilson Mill Park 300 Wilson Mill Rd. SW 215717.293
Mozley Park 1565 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. SW 184046.589
Spink-Collins Park 2001 COLLINS DRIVE 154119.919
Herbert Taylor Park 1795 Johnson Rd. NE 153726.138
Falling Water Panther Trail 151161.962
Harwell Heights Park 3114 Collier Dr. NW 143425.941
Frankie Allen Park 100 Bagley St 135770.773
Ben Hill Park 2404 Fairburn Rd SW 134219.519
Outdoor Activity Center 1442 Richland Rd. SW 127590.689
Boulevard Crossing Boulevard Ave & Englewood Ave 127440.031
Whittier Mills Park Spad Ave. at Wales Ave. NW 127222.313
Blue Heron Nature Preserve 3961 Land O' Lakes Dr 122108.227
Washington Park 102 Ollie St. NW, at Lena St. 116949.094
Rosel Fann Park 365 Cleveland Ave. SE 108596.240
Historic Fourth Ward Park 664 Angier Avenue 104256.675
Central Park 400 Merritts Ave. NE 101922.636
Grove Park 709 Hortense Place NW 101831.681
Deerwood Park Alexandria Dr./Tampa Trail, SW 100528.692
Thomasville Park 1835 Henry Thomas Drive SE 98739.455
Chosewood Park 401 Nolan Street SE 95731.487
Collier Park 3691 Collier Drive SW 94904.297
Coventry Station CE Greenbriar Parkway 94457.681
Tanyard Creek Park Collier Road and Wlathall Dr., NW 93590.489
Fort Peachtree Landings Ridgeview Rd 86887.932
Mims Park Joseph E. Boone and Elm Street 85171.126
Rev. James Orange Park at Oakland City 1305 Oakland Dr. SW at Epworth 84855.296
Isabel Gates Webster Park 275 Peyton Rd. SW, at Peyton Place 82251.262
Pittman Park 950 Garibaldi St. SE 80754.004
Rosa L. Burney Park 477 Windsor St. SW 80490.357
Harper Park Wilson Rd /Southside Industrial Parkway /Harpe... 79404.143
Coan Park 1530 Woodbine Ave. SE 77793.101
Emma Millican Park Deckner Avenue & Clinton Pl SW 76930.886
Brownwood Park 1247 Portland Ave, SE 74269.846
Shady Valley Park 2720 Shady Valley Dr. NE 66179.158
Mountain Way Commons Mountain Way & GA 400 65904.039
South Atlanta Park Gammon St. SE at Bisbee Ave. 64777.604
Alexander Park E. Wesley Rd. at Alexander Dr. NW 64363.874
Adamsville Recrecreation Center 3201 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. SW 64183.886
Westside Park 1090 Lois Street 63369.670
Stone Hogan Park Stone Hogan Rd./St Hogan Conn. SW 63297.435
Adair Park II 866 Murphy Ave. SW 61983.238
Avery Park-Gilbert House 2238 Perkerson Rd. SE 61566.969
A.D. Williams Park 1154 James Jackson Parkway, NW 61437.106
West Manor Park 3240 W. Manor Cir. SW at Benjamin E. Mays Dr. 61334.914
East Lake Park 2617 Memorial Dr. SE/ 241 Daniel St./ 2616-254... 60757.738
Campbellton Road Park 2158 Campbellton Rd 59656.783
Empire Park 245 Oak Dr. SE 58924.058
Benteen Park Benteen Ave. at Casanova St. SE 58863.611
Winn Park Westminister Dr. at Lafayette Dr. NE 58727.584
Arthur Langford Jr Park 211 Thornton St. SW 58021.309
Underwood Hills Park 1845 Harper St. NW 57139.709
English Park 1350 Bolton Rd. NW 55640.846
Barbara A. McCoy Park 1640 Kenmore St. (entrance); 1641 Avon Ave. SW 51031.506
D.H. Stanton Park 213 Haygood Ave. SE 50225.432
Sibley Park W. Wesley Rd. at Habersham Rd. NW 50129.697
Cumberlander Ivan Hill Circle 49923.667
Lenox-Wildwood Park 1760 Lenox Rd. NE 49707.375
Daniel Johnson Nature Preserve Beech Valley Rd NE 47554.384
Peachtree Hills Park 308 Peachtree Hills Ave. NE 44143.819
Phoenix II Park 141 Martin St. SE (at Georgia Ave.) 41819.560
Beaverbrook Park Brookview Dr. NW at Beaverbrook Dr. 40943.730
Greenbriar SE side of Greenbriar Pkwy 40341.042
Bessie Branham Park 2051 Delano Dr. at Norwood Ave. SE 39399.480
Walker Park Memorial Dr. at Memorial Ter. SE 39313.115
West End Park 1111 Oak St. SW 38341.301
Kirkwood Urban Forest Dixie St/Rogers St/Bixby St 37932.303
J. Allen Couch Park Hemphill Ave./Ferst St./6th St. 37616.071
Emma Lane Emma Lane 37126.317
Tanyard Creek Urban Forest 1997 WALTHALL DRIVE 36917.736
Adair Park I 742 Catherine St. SW 36759.363
Orme Park 795 Brookridge Dr. NE 36741.342
Ansley Park Maddox Dr./E. Park Lane, NE 35884.108
Dean Rusk Park Sells Ave./Lawton St. SW 35188.815
Riverside James Jackson Pkwy 35129.837
Renaissance Park Piedmont Pine St. NE 33368.877
Selena S. Butler Park 98 William Holmes Borders Dr. NE 32210.327
Tullwater Park 680 McWilliams Rd. SE 31457.596
Springlake Park Northside Dr./Norfleet Rd./Springlake Dr. NW 31179.468
Cleveland Avenue Park 41 Cleveland Ave. SE 31129.292
Springdale Park 1247 Ponce de Leon Ave. NE (at Springdale Rd.) 30785.461
Beecher Park Edgewater Dr./Beecher Rd. SW 30387.719
M.L.K. Center 70 Boulevard NE 30255.469
Howard Park 471 Collier Drive NE 29978.151
McClatchey Park Avery Dr. and Westminister Dr. NE 28847.945
Lake Claire Park 430 Lakeshore Dr. near McLendon Ave. NE 28808.016
Drake Park Waterford Road 28761.244
Morningside Recreation Center 1053 Rocksprings Road, NE 28737.660
Bass Recreation Center 326 Moreland Ave. NE 28328.242
Four Corners Park 1040 Crew Street SE 28298.167
Little Nancy Creek Park 3984 Peachtree Dunwoody Road 27313.445
Memorial Drive Greenway 234 Memorial Drive SE 26537.876
Rawson-Washington Park Connally St./Kelly St. NE 26319.374
Shirley Place Park 60 Shirley Place 26314.572
Cleopas R. Johnson Park Northside Dr. at Fair St. SW 25177.519
Edwin Place Park Edwin Place/Bankhead Hwy. NW 25157.057
Springvale Park Euclid Ave. at Waverly Way NE 25083.650
John C. Burdine Center 215 Lakewood Way SW 25029.388
Peachtree Battle Parkway Peachtree Battle Av. NW/Ptree-Dellwood Dr. 24763.229
Shadyside Park 1635 Ponce de Leon Ave. NE (Clifton Rd. to Fai... 23910.930
Enota Place Park Enota Place at Sells Ave. SW 23489.444
Phoenix III Park Georgia Ave./Connally St. SE 22468.453
Cabbagetown Park 701 Kirkwood Ave. SE 21463.036
Spring Valley Park Spring Valley Rd. at Meredith Dr. NW 20853.590
Virgilee Park 1324 Ponce de Leon Ave. NE (at Oakdale Rd.) 20534.687
Oak Grove Park 1451 Ponce de Leon Ave. NE (Oakdale Rd. to Fai... 20141.313
Garden Hills Park E. Wesley at Rumson Rd. 19973.378
Lang-Carson Park 100 Flat Shoals Ave. SE 19950.806
Robert W. Woodruff Park 91 Peachtree St. NE 19381.941
Chattahoochee Park Bolton Rd. at Peyton Rd. NW 18823.372
Mayson Ravine E. Club Ln at Davidson Ave 18820.107
John Howell Memorial Park 797, 833 & 869 Virginia Ave. NE 18293.916
Georgia Hill Center 250 Georgia Avenue SE 18108.501
Haynes Manor Park Northside Dr./Sagamore Dr./Peachtree Battle Ave. 17518.076
Dale Creek Park Dale Creek Dr. NW 17487.973
Mayson Park vicinity of 4417 Club Drive NE 16405.549
Tucson Trail Park 4610 Tucson Trail SW, at Santa Rosa Dr. 16248.175
Gilliam Park Clifton St./Wade Ave./Wyman St. NE 15866.935
Sidney Marcus Park 786 Cumberland Rd. NE 15768.867
Knight Park 1194 Church St. NW 15759.994
Rose Circle Park Rose Circle at White Street SW 15649.313
Mantissa Road Mantissa Street & Cambria Ave 14991.272
Proctor Village Park 881 Joseph E. Boone Blvd 14906.296
Goldsboro Park 1368 Euclid Ave. NE at Goldsboro Rd. 14815.446
Ella Mae Wade Brayboy Memorial Park Lena Street & Burbank Dr 14281.155
J.F. Kennedy Park 225 Chestnut St./Orr St. NW 14260.666
3162 Lenox Rd 3162 Lenox Rd 13836.251
17th Street Park 138 17th Street NE 13523.533
Lillian Cooper Shepherd Park 2886 Argyle Dr. NW 13247.079
Sunnybrook Park Pinetree Dr. at Brentwood Dr. NE 12963.242
Vermont Road Park Vermont Rd. and Calvert Lane NE 12352.051
Howell Park 983 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. SW 12335.088
Lanier Boulevard Parkway Lanier Blvd. NE from N. Highland-M'side Dr. 12309.160
Yonah Park Yonah Dr./15th St. NE 11854.301
Iverson Park 1429 Iverson St. NE, near Candler MARTA 11761.558
Loring Heights Park Loring Dr at Garden Lane NW 11377.425
Hurt Park 25 Courtland St. NE (at Edgewood Ave.) 10947.368
Gordon-White Park Gordon St./White St. SW 10859.675
Whetstone Creek Park 2329 Adams Drive 10378.050
Home Park 1015 Tumlin St./Calhoun St. NW 9924.675
Ardmore Park Ardmore Rd. off Collier Rd. NW 9853.787
Wildwood Gardens Park 735 Wildwood Rd. NE 9163.087
Vine City Park Walnut St. NW 8704.395
Adamsville Park (Old) 3404 Delmar Lane SW 8410.766
Sara J. Gonzalez Park 2411 Coronet Way NW 8263.080
John Wesley Dobbs Park Fort Street & Auburn Ave 8112.335
Rebel Valley Playlot 1005 Stonewall Drive SE 8040.118
Eubanks (The Prado) Park The Prado and Barksdale Dr. NE 8035.343
Dellwood Park Ponce de Leon Ave. NE (Clifton Rd. to Lakeshor... 7954.349
Ormond-Grant Park Ormond St./Grant St. SE 7647.536
Boone and West Lake 0 Joseph E. Boone Boulevard 7591.612
Ellsworth Park Howell Mill Rd. at Collier Rd. NW 7470.463
Matilda Place Park Matilda Place NW/Bankhead Hwy. 7432.076
Lindsay Street Park 539 Lindsay St 7229.092
Benjamin E. Mays St. Park 500 Fairburn Rd 6735.961
Macon Drive Park Macon Drive at Mt. Zion Road 6705.374
Gertrude Place Gertrude Place/Bankhead Hwy. NW 6650.402
West Wesley Park 59 W. Wesley Rd. NW, 1 block west of Peachtree... 6628.946
Charles L. Harper Memorial Park Ashby St. @ Mayson Turner Rd. NW 6446.998
Windsor Street Park 700 Windsor St. at Bass St. SE 6388.194
Oak Knoll I Park Oak Knoll Cir./Oaknoll Terr. SE 6273.239
South Evelyn Place Park S. Evelyn Place NW/Bankhead Hwy. 5916.091
Benoit Catherine St & Allene Ave 5835.846
Loridans 700 Loridans Drive 5831.811
Green Leaf Circle Next to 202 Napolean Dr.SW (off Westview Dr.) 5807.696
Sunken Garden Park 1000 E. Rock Springs Rd. NE 5408.767
Ashby Circle Playlot Ashby Cir. off Mayson Turner Rd. NW 5102.438
North Evelyn Place Park N. Evelyn Place NW/Bankhead Hwy. 5081.184
Arlington Circle Beauty Spot Arlington Circle & South Eugenia Place 5025.934
Watkins Park Watkins Street and 4990.058
J.D. Sims Recreation Center 544 Angier Ave. NE 4959.790
Inman Park Trolley Barn 963 Edgewood Ave NE 4354.972
Esther Peachey Lefever Wylie Powell St. SE 4083.145
Verbena Street Playlot 120 Hyacinth Ave NW & 2185 Verbena St NW 4028.394
Parkway-Merritts Park Parkway Dr. @ Merritts Ave. NE 3959.247
Heritage (Founder's) Park Crumley St. SE, between Frazer St. and Reed St. 3928.156
Old Ivy Road Park 519 Old Ivy Road 3853.762
Jacci Fuller Woodland Garden Park Gilbert St. at Confederate Ave. SE 3763.144
Oakview II Park Oakview Rd./Second Ave. SE 3576.400
Elinor Place Park Elinor Place/Bankhead Hwy. NW 3549.696
Parkway-Wabash Park 391 Parkway Dr. NE (at Wabash Ave.) 3521.213
Channing Valley Park Channing Dr. at Sunbury Pl. NW 3417.436
Oak Knoll II Park Oak Knoll Cir. SE, near the end 3277.015
Hardy Ivy Park 310 Peachtree St. NE 3269.138
Summerhill Triangle Fulton St/Sydney St 3259.937
Charlie Loudermilk Park Peachtree Rd. at Roswell Rd. NW 3080.131
Harold Avenue Place 595 Harold Avenue 3073.281
Sylvan Circle Playlot 1950 Sylvan Rd. SW (Sylvan Cir. at Sylvan Way) 2980.548
Folk Art (Courtland) Park both sides of Courtland St. at Ralph McGill Ave. 2906.262
Parkway-Angier Park Parkway at Angier Ave. NE 2903.846
Arlington Circle Playlot Arlington Cir. (off Baker Rd. NW at North Ave.... 2893.011
Oakview I Park Oakview Rd./Douglas St. SE 2651.017
Hickory Grove Park Homestead Ave. & Inverness Ave. NE 2404.980
Castlewood Triangle Castlewood Dr. NW at Edinboro Rd. 2402.817
Smith Park 1571 Piedmont Ave. NE at 1547 Monroe Dr. 2384.377
Prado at Inman Circle Park The Prado/Inman Circle NE 2357.417
Morgan-Boulevard Park 521 Boulevard NE 2308.963
Kimpson Park 97 Thirkeld Ave. SE 2236.374
Hillside at Northside Drive Park Hillside Dr./Northside Dr. NW 2224.848
Stephanie Drive Park Fairburn Rd./Stephanie Dr. SW 2185.099
Abner Place Park Across from 2539 Abner Pl. NW 2146.911
Beech Valley Triangle Beech Valley Rd. NE at Beech Val. Way 2136.247
Arbor Park East Lake Dr. at Arbor St. SE 2131.805
Pershing Point Park Peachtree St. at W. P'tree St. NE 1937.522
Ralph David Abernathy Plaza R.D. Abernathy at Formwalt St. 1910.784
Charles Allen Median Charles Allen Dr. NE 1905.023
Barclay Median Barclay Place/E. Rock Springs NE 1849.301
Noble Park 1710 Noble Dr. NE 1838.096
Folk Art (Piedmont) Park both sides of Courtland St. at Ralph McGill Ave. 1780.918
Ralph David Abernathy Median 1694.868
Pharr Circle Park End of N. Pharr Ct. NW 1649.428
John Calhoun Park 170 Auburn Ave. NE (at Piedmont) 1640.265
Inman Park Euclid Ave./Edgewood Ave. NE 1634.821
Havilon Triangle Havilon Dr./S. Alvarado Ter. SW 1587.035
Mayflower Beauty Spot Mayflower Ave./ Cascade Av. to Ocala SW 1472.183
Dollar Mill Median Boulder Park Dr./Dollar Mill Rd. 1433.679
Mt. Paran Rd. at Cave Rd. Triangle 1880 Mt. Paran Rd. NW 1330.552
Delta Park Edgewood Ave./Delta Place, NE 1306.694
Mt. Paran and Northside Park Mt Paran Rd. at Northside Dr. NW 1306.502
Mayor's #1 Park Peachtree St./Ralph McGill Blvd. NE 1300.928
Roseland Cemetery E. Cleveland Ave. at I-85 and Cemetery Dr. SE 1285.980
Manigault Street Playlot 1000 Manigault St. SE 1271.702
Rose Circle Triangle Rose Circle at Lee Street SW 1202.441
Stoney Point Park Confederate Ave./Woodland Ave. SE 1131.368
Bonnie Brae Park Tift Ave at Bonnie Brae Ave. SE 1116.578
Pryor-Tucker Playlot Pryor Rd. at Tucker St. SE 1101.206
Walton Spring Park Spring St./Int'l Blvd./Carnegie Way NW 1081.900
Boulevard-Angier Park Blvd/Angier Ave. NE 1058.748
Tremont Playlot Tremont Dr. at Dixie Hills Cir. NW 1053.805
Welch Street Park 794 Welch St. SE 1045.861
Veltre Circle 2718 (end of) Veltre Place SW 1042.354
Holderness/Lucile Park 471 Holderness Ave. SW (at Lucile Ave.) 1024.369
Marietta Street Island Marietta St./Broad St./Fairlie St. NW 1012.635
Jonesboro Triangle Jonesboro Rd. @ Hutchens Rd. SE 965.768
Mornington Circle End of Mornington Dr. NW 919.572
Homestead Park Meadowdale Av. at Homestead Av. NE 887.166
Sandtown Triangle Cascade Rd./Sandtown Ave. SW 816.542
Prado-Maddox Triangle The Prado/Maddox Dr. NE 759.029
North Buckhead Park Phipps Blvd. at Wieuca Rd. NE 746.447
Prado at 17th St Triangle The Prado/17th Street NE 741.607
E. Rock Springs Triangle E. Rock Springs Rd./N Pelham Rd. NE 733.099
Wilson Park Triangle E. Morningside Dr./N. Rock Springs Rd. NE 719.893
Fulton-Pryor Island Fulton St./Pryor St. SE 701.889
Stafford Street Park Stafford St. SW at Jasper St. 691.918
Prado-Piedmont Beauty Spot The Prado/Piedmont Rd. NE 690.295
Ashview Triangle Westview Dr./Agnes Jones Pl. SW 668.483
Findley Plaza Euclid Ave/Moreland Ave. NE 665.312
Peachtree Cir. at 15th St. Triangle Peachtree Cir./15th Street NE 630.454
25th Street Beauty Spot 25th St., Alden Ave. to Standish Ave. NW 621.856
Magnum and Lynhurst Park Mangum Lane @ Lynhurst Dr. SW 598.039
Oriole Park End of (near 890) Oriole Dr. SW 559.396
Pollard and Albany Beauty Spot 1468 POLLARD DRIVE 548.924
Broadland and West Conway Park Broadland Rd. NW at W. Conway Dr. 504.909
Pelham Road Park E. Pelham Rd./Piedmont Rd. NE 503.929
Dill Avenue Park Manford Rd./Mellview Ave. SE 500.364
Fire Station #5 Park Trinity Ave. SW at Spring St. 491.551
Lenox Beauty Spot End of Roxboro Circle NE 468.446
Mitchell-Haynes Park Haynes St./Mitchell-MLK Conn. SW 458.379
Club Drive Park Club Dr./Davidson Ave. NE 449.932
Pinetree and Brentwood Park Pinetree Dr. at Brentwood Dr. NE 444.041
Vedado-Greenwood Triangle Vedado Way/Greenwood Ave. NE 439.474
Ontario Park Ontario Ave./Stokes Ave. SW 432.866
Prado-Westminster Triangle The Prado/Westminister Dr. NE 424.892
Willard and Gordon Park Willard Ave. at S. Gordon St. SW 419.411
Spring Valley Jewish Corner Spring Valley Ln. at University Dr. NE 405.625
Darlington Circle Park Darlington Cir. off Burke Rd. NE 377.741
Sandpiper Circle 2853 (end of) Sandpiper Circle SW 365.693
Leathers Circle at Porter Dr. NW off West Lake Ave. 337.438
Brookline Park Brookline St. at Elbert St., near Murphy Ave. SW 323.755
McKinley-Wilson Circle McKinley Rd./Wilson Rd. NW 320.094
Moreland Avenue Planters Moreland Ave. at McPherson Ave. SE 319.940
Virginia Highland Triangle Virginia Av./N. Highland Ave. NE 315.087
Peachtree at 15th St. Park Peachtree St./15th Street NE 305.362
Glenwood Triangle Wilkinson Dr./Glenwood Ave./I-20 298.039
Prado-Peachtree Circle Triangle The Prado/Peachtree Circle, NE 296.002
Davidson and Lakehaven Park Davidson Ave. at Lakehaven Dr. NE 293.328
Atwood Street Park Atwood St./White St. SW 284.294
Maddox-Avery Triangle Maddox Dr./Avery Dr. NE 283.113
Wildwood Place End of Wildwood Place NE 282.408
Lenox and Johnson Road Park Lenox Rd. at Johnson Rd. NE 279.055
East Brookhaven and Lakehaven Park E. Brookhaven Dr at Lakehaven Dr, NE 275.057
Collum Circle Beauty Spot 200 block (end of) Collum St. NW 273.739
Avery-E. Park Lane Triangle Avery Dr/E. Park Lane NE 273.439
Howell Mill at Beaverbrook Park Howell Mill Rd/Beaverbrook Dr, NW 272.341
Torrence Circle 160 (end of) Torrence St. NW 270.465
Birchwood-Arlene Triangle Birchwood Dr./Arlene Way, NE 268.243
Adamsville Triangle Fairburn/MLK, Jr. Dr./Bakers Ferry Rd. 268.212
Ray Kluka Memorial Park Greenwood Ave.Monroe Dr. NE 265.408
Chatham and Avon Park Avon Ave./Chatham Rd. 263.989
Valley Road and Habersham Park Valley Rd./Habersham Rd. NW 263.810
Fountainebleau Beauty Spot Hogan Rd./Fontainebleau SW 262.258
Beverly-Avery Triangle Beverly Rd./Avery Dr. NE 258.918
Queen and White Beauty Spot Queen St./White St. SW 254.711
Lafayette-15th Street Triangle Lafayette Dr./15th Street, NE 249.900
North Highland Terrace Park N. Highland Terr. near Amsterdam Ave. NE 247.493
Margaret Mitchell Square Peachtree St. at Forsyth St. NW 244.097
Browns Mill/McWilliams Park Browns Mill Rd. @ McWilliams Rd. SE 243.891
Piedmont-Avery Triangle Piedmont Ave./Avery Dr. NE 236.626
McKay Circle End of McCay Dr. SE 232.965
Orme Triangle Orme Circle at Elkmont Dr. NE 231.964
Stafford Circle Park 14 Stafford St. NW near Oleander St. NW 226.140
Zimmer Drive Circle Zimmer Dr. off N. Highland Ave. NE 220.652
E. Pine Valley and W. Pine Valley Park E. Pine Valley Rd. at W Pine Valley Rd. NW 210.382
Greenwood-Charles Allen Triangle Greenwood Av./Charles Allen Dr. NE 209.109
Benton Place Garden Benton Place at Rilman Dr. NW 208.625
Moores Mill-Northside Pkwy Triangle Moores Mill Rd./N'side Pkwy. NW 205.551
Beverly-Avery Circle Beverly Rd./Avery Cir. NE 204.403
Spellman-Morehouse Beauty Spot Spellman St. NW/Morehouse Dr. 203.756
Piedmont Heights Park Montgomery Ferry Rd. at Pelham Rd. 202.022
Edgewater Circle End of (2440) Edgewater Dr. SW 190.811
Rumson Road Circle Rumson Rd./Rumson Way NE 189.491
Eastwood/Emerson Triangle Eastwood Av. at Emerson Av. SE 186.065
Inman Circle at 17th St Park Inman Cir./17th Street NE 181.848
Monument Beauty Spot Monument Ave./McPherson Ave. SE 180.154
Cativo Circle 700 block (dead end) Cativo Dr. SW 179.013
Prado-South Prado Circle The Prado/South Prado NE 176.941
Prairie View Beauty Spot Willis Mill Rd. south of MLK 173.295
Tennyson Circle off Brookview Dr. NW 151.769
Billings Circle End of Billings Ave. SE 149.931
Montgomery Ferry/Golf Cir. Triangle Montgomery Ferry Rd./Golf Cir. NE 146.222
Cativo and Dogwood Beauty Spot Cativo Dr./Dogwood Ct. 144.078
Northcliffe and Brookview Park Northcliffe Dr./Brookview Dr. NW 143.256
Todd Street Triangle Todd Rd. at Adair Ave. NE 141.105
Larchmont Circle Larchmont Dr./Larchmont Cir. NW 140.374
Beverly-Polo Triangle Beverly Rd./Polo Dr. NE 134.253
Beverly-Montgomery Ferry Triangle Beverly Rd./Montgomery Ferry Dr. NE 127.379
Helen Drive Park dead end of Helen Dr./Kay Lane NE 120.861
Robin Lane Park End of Robin Lane NE 117.012
Howell Mill at Glenbrook Park Howell Mill Rd./Glenbrook Dr. NW 109.463
Carver Circle off Tiger Flowers Dr. NW 101.488
Beecher Triangle Beecher Cir./Beecher Rd. SW 97.421
Fountain Drive #2 at Morris Brown Dr. SW 93.080
Piedmont Road Triangle Piedmont Rd./Elliott Circle NE 78.892
E. Club and Lakehaven Park E. Club Lane/Lakehaven Dr. NE 76.227
Westminster Park Westminister Dr./Park Lane NE 71.789
South Gordon Triangle S. Gordon St. at R.D. Abernathy Blvd. SW 70.361
Ranier Circle End of Ranier Dr. NW 58.359
Fountain Drive #1 1114, at Morris Brown Dr. SW 54.567
Rumson and Pinetree Park Rumson Rd. NE at Pinetree Dr. 51.448
East Andrews and Roswell Park E. Andrews Dr. NW at /Roswell Rd. 41.637