Using sensor data to determine the locations with most pedestrians in Melbourne

The data comes from the pedestrian volume dataset updated monthly by the city of Melbourne. The data refers to the period between 01.06.2009 and 31.07.2017.

Sensor nameTotal pedestrian count (millions)
Town Hall (West)98.894710
Melbourne Central83.405668
Flinders Street Station Underpass80.697303
Bourke Street Mall (South)80.092793
Princes Bridge72.845402
Bourke Street Mall (North)65.819742
Flagstaff Station52.157808
State Library51.207274
Flinders St-Swanston St (West)44.987759
Australia on Collins43.073642
Spencer St-Collins St (North)36.548914
Flinders St-Elizabeth St (East)35.685982
Southern Cross Station32.286256
The Arts Centre31.451805
Collins Place (South)30.880538
City Square28.658037
Sandridge Bridge26.621463
Collins Place (North)24.960451
Birrarung Marr20.015179
Bourke St-Russell St (West)19.968908
Chinatown-Swanston St (North)18.437887
QV Market-Elizabeth St (West)18.003123
Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre16.750473
Lonsdale St (South)16.336372
St Kilda Rd-Alexandra Gardens14.805346
New Quay13.339770
Chinatown-Lt Bourke St (South)12.490920
Victoria Point12.475567
Lygon St (West)10.620194
Webb Bridge10.052605
Spencer St-Collins St (South)9.655515
Waterfront City7.380526
Lonsdale St-Spring St (West)6.445858
Queen St (West)6.134734
Alfred Place5.315142
Grattan St-Swanston St (West)4.821565
Monash Rd-Swanston St (West)4.488244
Flinders St-Spring St (West)4.385801
QV Market-Peel St4.332330
Flinders St-Spark La4.178646
Lygon St (East)4.078077
Tin Alley-Swanston St (West)2.255131
Flinders La-Swanston St (West)1.504540
Little Collins St-Swanston St (East)0.669455

The results from this table can be used to adjust the level of protection of pedestrians in different parts of the city.