To connect and work together, you need to share detailed information about the nature of your project, the problem that it attempts to solve, the people whose needs it addresses, your own goals, time and budgetary contraints. The more clarity you have about them, the easier it would be to help you.

dummerAugust prefers working on projects with certain characteristics over working on any-type projects in any domain. This means that the project must be viable, especially compared to other ongoing alternatives. It must be innovative, meaningful and potentially impactful. Since not all projects fall into this group, they may not be considered. You may also be asked about your willingness to change your project in a certain way. In all cases where the criteria is not met, dummerAugust will inform you when it won't be the right partner for you.

Please, note that working together may require intensive collaboration and discussion. If you are unwilling to invest time in these, the success of your project will become questionable. dummerAugust cannot attach its name to an endlessly failing project, so you may be asked for the conditions under which you would agree to end our work. Sometimes, availability to work on your project may not be immediate, which may require a compromise on both sides.

If you agree with these points, please fill the following contact form related to your project. You can expect a response within a regular working day.