Adding depth with typography

Sometimes we want to achieve a depth effect, but only with simple text or letters. This is easily possible through using multiple levels with different text size. The effect is based on the eye capability to focus on near and distant objects. Near objects are perceived bigger, while distant objects smaller.

Below I have shown, what came out, while playing with some type.

Typography depth examples

You can achieve the same effect also with different objects, lines, spirals etc.

In a 3D software package, cameras use depth by default, just as the human eye, to simulate realistic perception. In photography we have the term "depth of field" (DOF). If we use a small f-stop number, the diaphragm opens more, lets more light come through the lens and the camera focuses on near objects. If we use large f-stop number, the diaphragm lets a smaller sheaf of rays come through the lens and focuses on more distant objects.