Phobias and biases

Our daily fears and perceptions about our lives can often determine our behavior. Fear leads us to postpone projects and shipping, to avoid taking full responsibility or to seek reasons for our situation outside ourselves. Our fears have a powerful control over us, especially the fear of failure, the fear of being laughed out by others (starts with school), the fear of not being accepted as we are, and most notably the fear of death.

I always wondered why in gamer forums people subscribed with their system configurations instead of with their names. It has become a question of status to compare who has the fastest machine, and because noone questioned this behavior, it has grown to become a bias for the whole group. It was considered as something normal to associate yourself with your machine. This shows that biases might not only be valid on a personal level, but be a dynamic characteristic for groups that stay longer together.

If you are further interested in the topic, you can take a look at the extensive lists on phobias and biases on Wikipedia and see if you can find something for yourself.