Cyclic redundancy check

CRC is used to prove the integrity of transmitted data, similarly to checksums. What was rather interesting to me is that the same three-word combination can be taken out of context and applied in our daily lives, being meaningful again. What I mean is that we often do or think about similar things every day (redundancy), sometimes repeating these actions/thoughts over and over again (cyclic), without being fully aware of that (check). This affects our ability to ideate and move forward. If we are busy in the same mental state, maybe even trivia, it's close to impossible for us to fully exercise our creative abilities. Einstein says that "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results", so we need to consciously do the things that allow us to remain sane, even if that might be against our nature and even when our tendency to return to our "equilibrium position" will work against us. The next time we are stuck, we might want to do our own cyclic redundancy... check.