People beat gold

Investors are notorious for fretting where they should put their money and their decisions could affect entire countries and economies. Maybe the desire for the quick win is what leaves them with almost nothing. While the value of inanimate objects like real estate or gold can rise and fall over time, these objects remain the same no matter what happens. The value of something static could probably not fluctuate as much as the value of something that undergoes constant development. The value of gold has increased around 4 times in a 10 year period. From 2003 to 2013 the value of Apple has increased around 20 times—because of its people. If we know that the best programmers are up to 20 times more productive than the worst, then a good development program for employees beats any investment in objects over time. Only people can do the unimaginable. But this requires a plan, a nurturing environment, help, encouragement, faith, trust, and other sacrifices, many of which are on a personal level. It's true that employee salaries are the main cost for many companies, but without employees, there would be nothing to invest in and the cost of stagnation will be paid by everyone. Companies and investors are made by the people they hire, not by the cash and gold they stack. We have seen that if people pull their trust from companies, the latter lose big time. We need to realize that people are an investment, not a liability and that everyone of us should invest as much as he can in those around him. It's simply not right that companies cut on development efforts, because it will be hard for employees to compensate for this on their own. When employee skills decay, every company is in danger. Investing in the right people makes companies stronger and accelerates their growth. Stacking wealth is beneficial only to the wealth owner, but from development plans benefit people, companies and our society at large. Take foot, throw high.