Get more clarity

After going through this e–book, I thought that I would share my first impressions. It is a collection of quotes from successful entrepreneurs that share what they have learned in one way or another. I think that this format would appeal to busy people that don't have a lot of time, but at times I felt that additional clarification would have been appropriate. Moreover, it wasn't immediately clear how some of the pieces are connected. The advantage of the e-book is that it collects a lot of interesting opinions and makes them accessible to everyone in a way that is thought-provoking. I know it's not a rule of thumb, but overall I think that having more authors contributes to more well-rounded and more useful books, especially when the authors go deeper in a topic. I expect to see more books that are community-driven in the future.

That said, here are some nuggets I found interesting:

“ Design is more important than technology in most consumer applications ”

Dave McClure

I think this is true, since technology changes much faster than good design. In a sense, even technology needs to be designed. Not knowing how to connect its pieces and when is a design problem. On the other side, design doesn't strictly require technology to work. It can exist on its own, it can touch people more directly and it can draw them in. The more startups exist, the greater the need for good designers will be, since design will attract the attention these startups need to survive. This is very much needed in a world screaming for such attention. But in order to work, design must go beyond simply grabbing attention, because it is never permanent. How well it solves a problem is probably how it will be judged. And to make this repeatable and scalable, technology will be needed.

“ Business goes where it is wanted. Business stays where it is appreciated. Business flourishes where it is nurtured. ”

Howard Thaw

I needed some time to barely grasp what is meant here. I think that this quote reaches to a much deeper level than just the words that describe it. Although business serves social functions, it is subordinate to concrete managerial decisions and they can be influenced much easier than the behavior of the whole society. The voice of the tribe can easily discredit any company, even if the last doesn't necessarily deserve it. Politics can also play a role in manipulating both sides. In that sense, every business is probably more fragile than its environment. As long as the business isn't socially acceptable, it will be hard to exist. Even if it does exist, the question is how much operation will be possible if it's not wanted or only seen with suspicion. The “wanted-appreciated-nurtured” direction of business development can be used to evaluate the progress of society, since the stability of businesses reduces crime and conflict. When in a crisis, it doesn't help when we pull our trust from companies completely, because this destabilizes our society as a whole. We shouldn't cut our own branch, without necessarily knowing where the real problem is, but rather seek out a gradual solution that will preserve all sides alive while ensuring they go together in the right direction.

“ Value creation drives productive relationships ”

Lisa Nicole Bell

Beautifully simple and true. A relationship is determined through what we can do for the other side. Even marriages depend on the speed of value creation. Above all, a marriage is a responsibility that many of us don't know how to think about at the time when this is most needed, hoping that things will magically resolve later. They won't and if we think so, we are irresponsible to ourselves and to the person next to us. If we waited for the marriage to find out what the meaning of value is for the other side, we could lose our youth. Once we understand that value, from the initial notion of what marriage is will be no trace left. In business, value creation determines who works with whom, because people seek partners who can best support their cause, who can best complement their abilities and who they can work with in best understanding. In order to start the conversation and keep it going, value needs to be created constantly. The degree of success in this will determine the quality of the relationship, especially in the long term.