A short poem

Another year disappeared by a magic wand,

another white hair was noticed by hand.

Snow and wind, pretty trees and flair,

design thinking infuses the air.

Toys and sites must last for long,

the lights shine very strong.

Everything takes attention and care,

those damn devices are everywhere.

High-fidelity, high-dpi,

yet, even Santa has a faster wi-fi.

Remove distractions, cut wires, disconnect the tree,

enjoy the timelessness of being free.

Use your intuition and gut feeling,

prioritize wisely after task peeling.

Keep a fresh view, be open, embrace change,

or everything will soon look strange.

Progress and tunnel vision are friends,

flying sleighs could hit you even weekends.

Every festive experience starts with real use,

God help you if you confuse.

Do better than others expect,

no single client can you afford to neglect.

Think win-win, be ready to lose,

do your best to avoid abuse.

Seek the positive in others while you still could,

all kinds of illnesses lurk in the neighborhood.

Discover your path and slide to the end,

guess who the head-wind is going to bend.

Create beautiful designs that attract,

through the whole year you must seek to impact.

Develop attention to detail,

but know that little things derail.

Code is messy, standards are fine,

nothing compares with red wine.

Automation makes you work faster,

soulless sites are dressed in plaster.

Risk, fail, get up,

don’t worry for your make-up.

Explore, dream and discover,

before the game is over.