Dictionary of techniques

Everyone uses some techniques in their work to tackle the challenges they are faced with. Often these techniques are kept secret for fear that they could give one an unfair advantage. But this kind of thinking is fairly limiting and it prevents far more people from advancing than it helps the few, who already use these techniques. Keeping many secrets can hurt everyone, which is why we need to make a conscious effort to change the situation. Please, remember that the more people know something, the more valuable it becomes.

Many different techniques which relate to computer science, programming and design already exist, but they are scattered all across the web, which makes them less useful. What is good about them is that they can be combined, but only if we knew of the existing of other similar ones. Having a whole repertoire at one place to serve as a short, non-exhaustive reference is still something that I feel is very much needed. So I chose to at least start the list. It will be forever incomplete, but at least I can extend it as I learn more. If you wish, you can contribute too.