Digital task organization and prioritization

Organizing our daily work is highly repetitive. We need to have a system that helps us focus on high-priority things while being able to track our progress. We may put adhesive notes on our monitor or scrabble ideas in various notebooks, but this quickly makes our workspace a mess.

To organize myself, I have created an account on Netvibes—a service, where users can create a custom dashboard with their most important things. The thousands built-in components are easy to install and arrange, which allows for high flexibility. You can create thematic tabs and fill them with related things, so you have everything of a particular topic in one place.


Netvibes allows us to keep notes of what we intend to do. I have labeled three columns with the following goal types: (1) family/personal, (2) career and (3) self-improvement. Your column names may vary. Then, every column is subdivided in three categories, which specify the task priority: (1) high, (2) normal or (3) low.