Digital task organization and prioritization

Organizing our daily work is highly repetitive. We need to have a system that helps us focus on high-priority things while being able to track our progress. We may put adhesive notes on our monitor or scrabble ideas in various notebooks, but this quickly makes our workspace a mess.

Another way is to use an online planner to create a schedule. If we have many activities daily this is fine, but in a case of a few it's probably not justifiable.

To organize myself, I have created an account on Netvibes—a service, where users can create a custom dashboard with their most important things. The thousands built-in components are easy to install and arrange, which allows for high flexibility. You can create thematic tabs and fill them with related things, so you have everything of a particular topic in one place.


Netvibes allows us to keep notes of what we intend to do. I have labeled three columns with the following goal types: (1) family/personal, (2) career and (3) self-improvement. Your column names may vary. Then, every column is subdivided in three categories, which specify the task priority: (1) high, (2) normal or (3) low.

When we come to a new task, we decide in which column and category to put it. When the task priority changes, we simply move the task to another category. Tasks we currently work on are always in the high-priority category. When we're done, we simply remove them. If we haven't completed them at the end of the day, we may move them to the normal category or leave them if we're going to work on them tomorrow. This way we have a good organization with clear separation of goals and priorities.

The drawback of this approach is that it works only online. You need to constantly update the content as soon as you complete a task or have another one, otherwise this model becomes unusable. You also can't keep track of which tasks you have completed after you delete them from your list. The time you invest isn't justified if you have only few things to do—it's more suitable for people with many different tasks in parallel.