Some graphs in CSS

Graphs are important in computer science as they can describe almost any existing relationship. A graph is described through its vertices (things) and edges (relationships). Social networks are graphs since they connect people. The web is graph since it connects machines over long distances. “The Internet of things” will also be a graph.

On the surface, it may seem that creating a complex graph is a very hard task, and in some cases it will be. But our eyes can give us a misleading impression that a graph is actually more complex than it seems. We see many edges ending in a given vertex, but we forget that these edges have already started at some other vertex. In other words, the small detail that we currently look at is not always outgoing (a line has two ends). The symmetry in the graphs means that we can take a single element, multiply it and just apply different transformations to the copies. Each symmetric element reduces the complexity of the graph presentation. Hopefully, this will encourage you to make your own experiments and catalogs of useful things that you can later return to if needed.