A list of interesting books

We often come across articles or books that ignite our interest for a particular topic, but over time, we tend to forget about their existence, which can diminish our initial excitement. Even when all the information is available to us, we may not come to the idea to look for it. In other words, we need to keep references to what has already moved us in some positive way and use them to return to the patterns of thinking that we found were most beneficial to our progress. In order to remember something, it has to be made practical and useful; it is not enough for it to just exist as a reference. Some of you have chosen to use tools like Evernote as a reminder of the interesting bits they have seen (quotes, links etc.). This is fine, but everyone is different, so there will be no universal solution.

I hope that this will help you to discover some interesting new books or maybe even share your own list with everyone.