The bag of tricks in Europe

It is commonly said that Greece needs to reduce its debt to avoid bankruptcy, while the attention is skillfully shifted away from the piles of debt of countries like Germany, USA and others. Whose interest is it to present things in such a way? And how many generations will have to suffer as a result of sweeping the truth under the table?

Merkel and Schäuble are trying to give European countries orders and ultimatums on a one-by-one basis (today Greece, tomorrow someone else). Whose interests are they defending and who is financing them behind the scenes? Are these the people who have contributed most for the total extraction of wealth from European economies? If so, why should advice from them be taken lightly?

Another nice strategy masked as a help from the European Union: give many countries a lot of money specifically for agriculture to please them in a sustainable way while Greece is leaving. The rest of the countries should not come to the idea to leave as well, since this would allow to further command them. The second possible goal of such an investment could be to corrupt countries by forcing people to avoid technological work for the sake of activities with lower added value, again to the full benefit of the German tech sector.

“You can earn more by human traffic than you can by selling drugs” - a drug dealer cited in an online newspaper. Is the decision to make false promises, suppress salaries, provide bad working conditions to newcomers and hide behind “it was their decision” any less than human traffic happening in the middle of Europe?