Facebook Interface Problems

I have been using Facebook for a while, but I can't understand, why people still overlook the problems at the top of the interface. Here I'll try to explain how it could be possibly improved. On the following image, the top blue bar shows the original Facebook interface, while the bottom—my personal preference.

Facebook proposal

Logo/Home Page

In both versions the logo remains on the left. Since clicking on it leads to the home page, there isn't a need for a "Home" link, which would only confuse users. In the original Facebook version, a small icon of a house appears when the user moves his mouse over the logo. I think this adds more noise than value. Some people might even think, that they should click exactly on the house icon to go to the home page, which isn't the case. So the same content is then accessed in three different ways: (1) the "Home" link, (2) the logo and (3) the house icon.

Profile/Full name

Inbox near Friends?

Search Engine

Settings and Logout

I left more distance between the links, to increase their size and make them more easier to click (Fitt's law).


This proposal shows my personal understanding of the interface, which is different from the one of the Facebook's engineers.