Working in a team

Many companies hire now new people, who can improve the joint atmosphere and assist in employee development. A team is a group of individuals with divergent characters and abilities that are motivated and inspired by different things. Knowing what drives individuals is the base for more efficient and productive relationships.

Connections and their quality

The number of connections and their quality in a team is important. The following graph show how the number of connections grows with the number of people.

dependency between the number of people and the number of communication channels on a team
Figure 1: The number of connections/communication channels in a team grows exponentially with the number of team members


The atmosphere in a company strongly affects our quality of work, but is often overlooked. Noise, dirt, absence of light, stale air, bad surrounding moods, deadline rush, meetings, calls, email, chat and others adversely influence productivity. They can take us constantly out of our state of flow and lower our morale. Motivation drops, concentration takes longer and results decline. Other team members often infect us with their feelings—it everyone is happy and thrilled to be there and contribute, we are much more likely to be happy too. If they are sad, angry or fearful, that feeling will transfer to us too.

Develop individual team members, if possible

Work synchronization