Mission and vision

Are you clear about your most important goals for: today, this week, this month, next three moths, this year, next five years? About the concrete actions you need to take in order to achieve them? How will you measure your progress? It's still possible to think about that.

If you are clear about your goals, then take the right direction. Don't let any obstacles discourage you along the way.

Here I would like to briefly discuss two models—a pyramid and an iceberg.

Two models—a pyramid and an iceberg

The pyramid outlines some attributes that determine the quality of our lives. On its lowest level is our environment, which directly affects our mood, motivation and behavior. Without a proper behavior, we won't have a chance to achieve our goals. Our accomplishments determine how qualified we are to take on bigger goals, so we need to improve constantly. To accomplish, we need realistic goals and unbiased beliefs that support our worldview and drive our actions according to our imagination of what we could become. If we truly believe in our abilities, nothing can stop us. Our mission is the reason why we exist, which forms our identity, because we define ourselves through the actions we take. Our vision lets us imagine the future in a beautiful and inspiring way. If we keep our images long enough in perspective, we possess the strength to change our current reality.

The iceberg is an addition to the pyramid and shows that to do our best, we have to control our thoughts and emotions. When we are judged by the people around us, the first thing they look at are our performance and results and then our behavior.