Users and attention

Our attention is limited, because we are easily distracted by the surrounding world. But we also long for attention through our relationships with other people. When we feel more valued and respected, we open more to others. But we increasingly rely on technology for communication, which leads to alienation.

There are billions of websites, exactly as there are billions of people. They all seek for more attention, which can be valuable in some way—getting more visitors, sales, profits, love, joy, happiness etc—and remains sustainable in the long-term.

The site owner perspective or how we can attract more users

When we engage with users in continuous communication, we can ask them for simple feedback and answer to them promptly. This leaves them with a positive experience, no matter if their problems are solved or not. People respect us more when they feel that their opinion counts.

The user perspective or when we love to come back

The designer perspective or how to please owners and users

As designers, we have to identify the most important things, accentuate on the most important interface elements and communicate their relative importance to the user. This can be achieved with meaningful positioning of elements, appropriate size and color scheme. While programmers should be paid for deleting code, visual designers should be paid for cutting out unnecessary UI elements.