Mobile web design obstacles

Too many stakeholders

Lack of standardization

Too many constraints

Too high operator taxes

Telecom operators have relative high internet taxes where no wireless access is possible. They can range quite a bit, so users must be cautious. Using a simple simulator to open a 12kB website showed that an operator will charge €0.20 on the average. When you open many and heavy sites your bill can quickly go out of control.

Usability difficulties

Typing a domain name in the mobile web browser isn't convenient on all mobile devices. Interaction with the website even less so. If the device doesn't have a touch-screen, we'll need to use the built-in joystick to move through different links and buttons. Imagine pushing the "3" button on your phone three times until you are able to enter "f" in an input form. From a usability standpoint, this makes long use less likely. Few websites will justify such an effort.


Due to these characteristics, I look at mobile web design as highly experimental, so I won't concern with it in the near future.