Yahoo Mail Classic interface changes

Yahoo Mail

As a long-time user of Yahoo Mail Classic, I was surprised to see some unintuitive changes in the interface, which I'll describe here through a screenshot from my email account. Suddenly, I found that the "Compose" button disappeared, so I wasn't sure how to quickly write and send a new email. Because I couldn't find it, I thought that it was probably repositioned. I went through all the links on the left and above the list of emails, but it wasn't there. The "Compose" button was replaced by a new one named "Check Mail", so I thought that Yahoo must have temporarily disabled the option for sending emails. Because I was searching for the "Compose" label, I couldn't find anything. The problem was that Yahoo introduced a "New" button for writing emails, but I was quite slow to figure that out. If "New" was more descriptive, I could have found sooner the meaning behind it, which seems like an interface problem. Now I don't need to refresh the page to check for new emails, I have the "Check Mail" button for that task. But this it's placed on the left of the "New" button, which means that users will read it first when they sign in their account. It seems like checking your email must be more important than creating a new one once you are using the service (and therefore emails are automatically checked). This is again an interface problem. I hope that Yahoo engineers will correct them.