Thoughts on 2009

2009 has been a very turbulent year. Financial institutions disappeared, the economy suffered and trust evaporated. This resulted in a big shift in the way we think and act as human beings. It brought to life our deepest fears, but also helped us realign with our purpose in life.

Globalization is everything

We are no longer isolated from each other—we depend on each other now. Globalization means higher connectivity in many areas of life. This interconnectedness helps us become more of who we are, through the scale of the effort we could attract.

Communication is everything

Speed is everything

The world is changing very fast. Things that were working today, need fixing tomorrow. Adapting to change is challenging, but the only way to survive. Projects must be completed on time and within budget. The marketplace is fiercely competitive and often the strongest players take everything, leaving smaller ones to wither. But instead of only competing, we can also collaborate to develop and refine the market needs.

Knowledge is everything

Direction is everything

Principles are everything

Thank you for reading my blog this year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!