Web content visibility issues

Web designers have one repetitive problem that arises every time a new web site is released—nobody knows that their work is already online. As a first thing, they register the website in search engines and try to use search engine optimization (SEO) to increase the site's findability. While content registration isn't wrong, unless done in an automated way, I think that the use of SEO isn't justified anymore. Especially if there are thousands of other sites competing for the same search terms. The titles and keywords on the website can be described once, but then it's better to restrain constantly checking which keywords are currently trending, how high the page rank is or what the current link popularity is. These checks consume much time, which could have been used to insert new meaningful and relevant content.

Pey-per-click campaigns can be a temporary solution for people with much money to promote their content quicker. But bids might be unrealistically high, which explains why I'm an opponent of this model.

Other options to consider are paid links, eventually banners, targeted newspaper and magazine ads or even forums.

Adding more valuable content, without compromising the site's information architecture, will increase the website's visibility. It's probably the single most effective way to do it along with having more inbound links to your site. Regularly update your content in a way that it responds to the new and changing circumstances you live in.