Final is always beta

Early product releases are actually advertisements. Companies want to present themselves in the best possible light and get as many clients as possible, speaking about their products. The goal is to be remembered—even a bad product can be polished later. Spreading the news became more important than the actual news, which became more important than the actual product.

Manager of problem creation

Betas underdeliver

Some thoughts from Bono, Blizzard and me

Final fails—it's always beta. Constant, gradual improvement is the most important thing while creating something new. Bono of U2 says: "We always have the feeling that we arrive and not that we are there". It's a fallacy then to think that early shipping brings us "there", when it was only the start of our journey. This might kill our creativity or make us unable to throw away our hard work when the result isn't good enough. Our life and everything we do is in perpetual beta. When the famous game "Starcraft" was about to be released, the developers of Blizzard were asked by journalists about the release date. Their answer was: "We'll ship it, when we're ready". This could be one of the reasons why Blizzard became so successful. Their philosophy can be applied to all new developments.