Doing half the job

Sometimes, companies neglect their customers trying to achieve win-lose situation. This is what I have indirectly experienced lately, so I want to share one real story with you.

A person decided that she needs to change the doors in her appartment. So she went scouting for different offers by different manufacturers. Looking for reasonable quality at a low price, she happily found doors with a pattern that would match the rest of her furniture. So she gave an order, signed a contract and paid fifty percent in advance. One clause in the contract said that the doors will be mounted in ten workdays. But just the delivery of the doors took ten days, without the montage. And when the montage started, it went very slow. Craftsmen complained that they don't have suitable instruments or that they need to fulfill other orders too. It seemed that they started all possible projects they could gather, without having enough people to finish them on time. So they jumped from one place to the next, trying to satisfy all requests. When they did their work, it wasn't complete and had quality problems. At the end the customer paid, wasn't served well, couldn't change the provider easily without introducing more cost, couldn't let doors go out of her mind for a whole month and dealt with people that refused to take her phone calls, because of being unable to deliver replacements for the defects they introduced during the montage.