What the crisis wants from us

To me the so called "financial crisis" is a trust crisis. Economically weaker nations have progressed slower due to the lack of trust between their people. Therefore much less business was made and much less opportunities arose. The sheer inability of people to trust each other did harm to their economy. Looking at the global economy, we see effects, which we still mistakenly interpret as problem causes that can be solved through financial injections.

We often don't notice how we are working for the machine that controls us. Suddenly, people who received their millions in the past start to convince us, that spending is inappropriate. Countries, whose citizens always had good access to credits and had an artificially higher standard, suddenly became even more credits, which they continue to waste, while people in much poorer countries struggle for their survival. That alone is enough to further decrease the levels of trust.

One thing is sure: the new conditions force us to take hasty decisions under high stress that are usually wrong. We also blindly concentrate on cutting costs, when we should be investigating ways to earn more.

Here are some of the things the crisis wants from us: