Involvement needed

In the last two years too many people lost their jobs and became desperate as a result of the financial crisis. The ultrafast spread of information stamped our minds with strong emotions, that continue to drain our energy after we replenish it. We became less risk-tolerant and more concerned with uncertainty. We started to live physically in the now, but mentally in the distant future, creating a time difference that equals our stress levels. All kinds of speculations emerged capitalizing on common fears.

While many jobs vanished, most of them still exist today, which makes "radical redefinition" of the term "job" less realistic. Yet, some people still associate a job with something they unwillingly do for eight hours a day in exchange for the security of a monthly paycheck. But security is a mirage—like the water on the horizon midst a desert—and this is eye-opening. I find it inspiring that people strive to be more self-sufficient now, taking more responsibility for their actions and honoring their inner drive towards a more meaningful life.

I am not convinced that encouragement of busyness with all available financial means is a good long-term decision. It will probably just add to the piles of debt, increase inflation and reach only the people who make the profits on the back of the poor. Greed, corruption and unseen before social inequality undermine any attempts to change anything from the start. The past immoral behavior led to today's lack of trust, which means that money can no longer be used to solve world's problems, especially in the absence of good dialogue.

But we need more involvement than ever. This includes encouraging and supporting discouraged people in any possible way—whether they've lost their jobs, die from hunger, thirst or various diseases, were victims of a natural disaster, live in isolation as part of a minority... Without involvement nothing happens, no matter how much money is thrown (think Greece). It's expensive, but it's much more expensive to let people's potential unrealized. I think that not enough people are supported today (even kids by their parents!), but only those backed by a strong support have a chance to succeed. I feel that we need to develop common interest groups of unemployed people on a "plug-and-play" basis, who look for more sense in their lives. Involvement is a form of sponsorship, because we show people that we believe in them and are ready to invest our time, resources and soul in an effort to lighten up their spark as bright as possible. It's hard, but...

Whose sponsor will you be today?