Involvement needed

In the last two years too many people lost their jobs and became desperate as a result of the financial crisis. The ultrafast spread of information stamped our minds with strong emotions, that continue to drain our energy after we replenish it. We became less risk-tolerant and more concerned with uncertainty. We started to live physically in the now, but mentally in the distant future, creating a time difference that equals our stress levels. All kinds of speculations emerged capitalizing on common fears.

While many jobs vanished, most of them still exist today, which makes "radical redefinition" of the term "job" less realistic. Yet, some people still associate a job with something they unwillingly do for eight hours a day in exchange for the security of a monthly paycheck. But security is a mirage—like the water on the horizon midst a desert—and this is eye-opening. I find it inspiring that people strive to be more self-sufficient now, taking more responsibility for their actions and honoring their inner drive towards a more meaningful life.

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