Health first, performance second

Not very long ago I was shocked to read that the number one reason why companies die is that their CEOs get ill. That surprised me a bit, because I thought it was a lack of execution.

Before we see Steve Jobs as a role model and put self-sacrifice on pedestal, we should question such attitude. Even if it leads to great achievements, benefits the society and gets publicity. Self-sacrifice is against human nature and is therefore unsustainable. If we choose it, we must be ready to face the consequences.

If we put health first, we may not be the stars we hoped to be, but our light might hold longer. If we stop chasing "overnight success", "the next big thing", "awesomeness", "being first to market" and others that make us ill, we might even enjoy our work more, which then will be apparent. Aesop teaches up that a slow and steady use of energy advances more than a fast one.

Our performance can only be as high as our health allows. So we need to always be kind to the people we might not see tomorrow.