Pizza Hut pizza nutrients

Pizza variantEnergy
Satura-ted fat
Veggie Individual Pan (9")1987.324.
Veggie Sharing Pan (13")1937.
Veggie Individual Thin (11")1758.
Veggie Sharing Thin (14")1627.721.
Veggie Individual Stuffed Crust (11")20010.320.
Veggie Sharing Stuffed Crust (14")1899.421.
Veggie Cheesy Bites (14")1899.421.
Veggie Gluten Free (9" Square)2005.
Pepperoni Individual Pan (9")27210.
Pepperoni Sharing Pan (13")26910.
Pepperoni Individual Thin (11")24511.
Pepperoni Sharing Thin (14")24811.325.71.310.95.11.3
Pepperoni Individual Stuffed Crust (11")26013.
Pepperoni Sharing Stuffed Crust (14")25512.324.
Pepperoni Cheesy Bites (14")25512.324.
Pepperoni Gluten Free (9" Square)2547.733.
Chicken Supreme Individual Pan (9")21710.525.
Chicken Supreme Sharing Pan (13")21210.625.
Chicken Supreme Individual Thin (11")19411.325.
Chicken Supreme Sharing Thin (14")18411.822.
Chicken Supreme Individual Stuffed Crust (11")21613.
Chicken Supreme Sharing Stuffed Crust (14")20512.522.
Chicken Supreme Cheesy Bites (14")20512.522.
Chicken Supreme Gluten Free (9" Square)2208.729.
Margherita Individual Pan (9")25410.028.11.311.14.20.9
Margherita Sharing Pan (13")25110.028.81.310.64.10.9
Margherita Individual Thin (11")22710.928.
Margherita Sharing Thin (14")22611.325.
Margherita Individual Stuffed Crust (11")24512.923.
Margherita Sharing Stuffed Crust (14")24012.324.
Margherita Cheesy Bites (14")24012.324.
Margherita Gluten Free (9" Square)2637.733.53.310.24.31.0
Meat Feast Individual Pan (9")24711.824.81.311.13.91.1
Meat Feast Sharing Pan (13")23911.724.
Meat Feast Individual Thin (11")21912.425.
Meat Feast Sharing Thin (14")21613.
Meat Feast Individual Stuffed Crust (11")23713.820.
Meat Feast Sharing Stuffed Crust (14")23013.521.
Meat Feast Cheesy Bites (14")23013.521.
Meat Feast Gluten Free (9" Square)2499.828.52.910.13.91.2
Supreme Individual Pan (9")2259.723.21.510.33.51.0
Supreme Sharing Pan (13")2209.723.
Supreme Individual Thin (11")20410.523.
Supreme Sharing Thin (14")19710.620.
Supreme Individual Stuffed Crust (11")22312.219.91.310.45.61.2
Supreme Sharing Stuffed Crust (14")21411.620.
Supreme Cheesy Bites (14")21411.620.
Supreme Gluten Free (9" Square)2318.
BBQ Americano Individual Pan (9")22611.425.
BBQ Americano Sharing Pan (13")22211.825.
BBQ Americano Individual Thin (11")20512.
BBQ Americano Sharing Thin (14")19913.
BBQ Americano Individual Stuffed Crust (11")22413.721.
BBQ Americano Sharing Stuffed Crust (14")21513.522.
BBQ Americano Cheesy Bites (14")21513.522.
BBQ Americano Gluten Free (9" Square)2299.729.
Hawaiian Individual Pan (9")2179.525.
Hawaiian Sharing Pan (13")2139.426.
Hawaiian Individual Thin (11")19210.326.
Hawaiian Sharing Thin (14")18410.423.
Hawaiian Individual Stuffed Crust (11")21612.321.
Hawaiian Sharing Stuffed Crust (14")20711.522.
Hawaiian Cheesy Bites (14")20711.522.
Hawaiian Gluten Free (9" Square)2217.530.
Phillycheese Steak Individual Pan (9")23812.421.62.311.25.20.96
Phillycheese Steak Sharing Pan (13")23512.222.22.410.85.00.95
Phillycheese Steak Individual Thin (11")21913.
Phillycheese Steak Sharing Thin (14")21713.419.
Phillycheese Steak Individual Stuffed Crust (11")23414.
Phillycheese Steak Sharing Stuffed Crust (14")22813.719.92.310.36.11.17
Phillycheese Steak Cheesy Bites (14")22813.719.92.310.36.11.17
Phillycheese Steak Gluten Free (9" Square)24211.024.63.610.75.31.04
Texas Meat Meltdown Individual Pan (9")26211.725.42.812.54.31.27
Texas Meat Meltdown Sharing Pan (13")25911.925.42.712.14.31.28
Texas Meat Meltdown Individual Thin (11")24112.426.
Texas Meat Meltdown Sharing Thin (14")26313.523.73.412.74.81.34
Texas Meat Meltdown Individual Stuffed Crust (11")25413.921.82.412.16.21.48
Texas Meat Meltdown Sharing Stuffed Crust (14")24913.622.52.511.45.61.49
Texas Meat Meltdown Cheesy Bites (14")24913.622.52.511.45.61.49
Texas Meat Meltdown Gluten Free (9" Square)2498.532.
Vegan Hot 'N' Spicy Individual Pan (9")2024.728.
Vegan Hot 'N' Spicy Sharing Pan (13")2004.828.
Vegan Hot 'N' Spicy Individual Thin (11")1775.
Vegan Hot 'N' Spicy Sharing Thin (14")1674.626.
Vegan Hot 'N' Spicy Gluten Free (9" Square)2032.
Hot 'N' Spicy Veg Individual Pan (9")2117.525.
Hot 'N' Spicy Veg Sharing Pan (13")2097.525.
Hot 'N' Spicy Veg Individual Thin (11")1878.
Hot 'N' Spicy Veg Sharing Thin (14")1798.722.
Hot 'N' Spicy Veg Individual Stuffed Crust (11")21010.421.
Hot 'N' Spicy Veg Sharing Stuffed Crust (14")2029.722.
Hot 'N' Spicy Veg Cheesy Bites (14")2029.722.
Hot 'N' Spicy Veg Gluten Free (9" Square)2135.329.
Hot 'N' Spicy Chicken Individual Pan (9")2149.923.
Hot 'N' Spicy Chicken Sharing Pan (13")2109.924.
Hot 'N' Spicy Chicken Individual Thin (11")19210.424.
Hot 'N' Spicy Chicken Sharing Thin (14")18310.721.
Hot 'N' Spicy Chicken Individual Stuffed Crust (11")21312.320.
Hot 'N' Spicy Chicken Sharing Stuffed Crust (14")20411.821.
Hot 'N' Spicy Chicken Cheesy Bites (14")20411.821.
Hot 'N' Spicy Chicken Gluten Free (9" Square)2178.
The G.O.A.T Individual Pan (9")2208.425.
The G.O.A.T Sharing Pan (13")2158.325.
The G.O.A.T Individual Thin (11")1978.926.
The G.O.A.T Sharing Thin (14")1888.723.
The G.O.A.T Individual Stuffed Crust (11")21911.
The G.O.A.T Sharing Stuffed Crust (14")20810.322.
The G.O.A.T Cheesy Bites (14")20810.322.
The G.O.A.T Gluten Free (9" Square)2246.429.
BBQ Jack 'N' Cheese Individual Pan (9")2037.
BBQ Jack 'N' Cheese Sharing Pan (13")1987.
BBQ Jack 'N' Cheese Individual Thin (11")1797.726.
BBQ Jack 'N' Cheese Sharing Thin (14")1697.323.
BBQ Jack 'N' Cheese Individual Stuffed Crust (11")20410.
BBQ Jack 'N' Cheese Sharing Stuffed Crust (14")1939.
BBQ Jack 'N' Cheese Cheesy Bites (14")1939.
BBQ Jack 'N' Cheese Gluten Free (9" Square)2045.
Epic Pepperoni Individual Pan (9")29312.025.60.815.86.01.38
Epic Pepperoni Sharing Pan (13")29012.026.00.715.35.81.40
Epic Pepperoni Individual Thin (11")26812.926.30.712.25.61.57
Epic Pepperoni Sharing Thin (14")27613.722.70.814.46.61.68
Epic Pepperoni Individual Stuffed Crust (11")27714.421.30.714.87.81.60
Epic Pepperoni Sharing Stuffed Crust (14")27514.022.60.714.27.21.63
Epic Pepperoni Cheesy Bites (14")27514.022.60.714.27.21.63
Epic Pepperoni Gluten Free (9" Square)30610.130.32.515.56.21.55
Epic Meat Feast Individual Pan (9")24613.223.50.911.04.11.14
Epic Meat Feast Sharing Pan (13")24413.124.00.810.64.01.13
Epic Meat Feast Individual Thin (11")22314.
Epic Meat Feast Sharing Thin (14")22214.820.
Epic Meat Feast Individual Stuffed Crust (11")24115.120.00.811.16.11.41
Epic Meat Feast Sharing Stuffed Crust (14")23514.821.10.810.05.41.37
Epic Meat Feast Cheesy Bites (14")23514.821.10.810.05.41.37
Epic Meat Feast Gluten Free (9" Square)27211.927.42.412.24.81.40
Epic Veggie Individual Pan (9")2068.
Epic Veggie Sharing Pan (13")2058.
Epic Veggie Individual Thin (11")1848.923.
Epic Veggie Sharing Thin (14")1768.820.
Epic Veggie Individual Stuffed Crust (11")20710.919.
Epic Veggie Sharing Stuffed Crust (14")19910.
Epic Veggie Cheesy Bites (14")19910.
Epic Veggie Gluten Free (9" Square)2096.
Epic Chicken Supreme Individual Pan (9")2059.622.
Epic Chicken Supreme Sharing Pan (13")2029.722.
Epic Chicken Supreme Individual Thin (11")18310.
Epic Chicken Supreme Sharing Thin (14")17510.519.
Epic Chicken Supreme Individual Stuffed Crust (11")20612.
Epic Chicken Supreme Sharing Stuffed Crust (14")19711.619.
Epic Chicken Supreme Cheesy Bites (14")19711.619.
Epic Chicken Supreme Gluten Free (9" Square)2077.925.
Vegan Jack N Ch**se Individual Pan (9")201.64.728.
Vegan Jack N Ch**se Sharing Pan (13")197.24.728.
Vegan Jack N Ch**se Individual Thin (11")
Vegan Jack N Ch**se Sharing Thin (14")167.34.526.
Vegan Jack N Ch**se Gluten Free (9" Square)208.82.334.
Vegan Margherita Individual Pan (9")
Vegan Margherita Sharing Pan (13")
Vegan Margherita Individual Thin (11")230.75.733.
Vegan Margherita Sharing Thin (14")
Vegan Margherita Gluten Free (9" Square)
Vegan Veggie Individual Pan (9")196.14.827.
Vegan Veggie Sharing Pan (13")190.94.927.
Vegan Veggie Individual Thin (11")
Vegan Veggie Sharing Thin (14")158.64.724.
Vegan Veggie Gluten Free (9" Square)203.32.432.
All nutrient values refer to 100g product. Source: Pizza Hut Nutritional Information
UK, February 2019