Slimming down the "Vancouver Public Library hours and locations" page

The Vancouver Public Library hours and locations page gives a good overview of all library branches, which is ideal for book lovers (and creators needing books to find ideas for their future demos). From a design point of view, it is then important to have this page load as fast as possible.

As you can see, it includes a map with 21 markers of all branch locations, followed with a grid-arranged information about each one. Currently, the page transfers 1.6MB of content, which is not exactly lightweight. We will seek a way to reduce the weight attributed only to branch information (not optimizing the whole page), while attempting to preserve the existing styles whenever possible.

If we were to copy the original HTML related to this information to a separate file, its size would be ≈131KB. If we copy the HTML & CSS for it on this page, the file size would be ≈24.1KB, which is 18.3% of the original. (Be aware that the small icons are missing here.) Additionally, the browser informs us that the height of the parent element on the original page is 5832px, while the height of the grid version here is found to be 4492px. This means that ≈23% less scrolling is required. I hope you enjoyed the result here.